Open enrollment for 2014 health insurance plans ended on April 1st. Those still seeking insurance must qualify for a special enrollment period by one of the following means or wait until November of 2014 to enroll in 2015 plans.

Qualifications For Special Enrollment

  • Marriage/ divorce
  • Loss of previous coverage
  • Birth or death of a family member
  • Relocation 







Health Insurance And Affordable Care Act Information



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Accredited by the Better Business Bureau as an A+ rated business, and certified by Covered California health insurance market, our customers can rest assured that all of our Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield Of California and Cigna Health Insurance plans are ACA-compliant and that our helpful and knowledgeable Sky Agents will make every step of buying health insurance easier than it would be on your own or through the exchange. 

I Hate Obamacare

Even if you don't like the president or his new law we can still get you affordable health insurance faster than you would be able to on your own or through the health insurance market in your state. So if any of these describe you, click on the 'free quotes' button below to get free information and quotes on health insurance from reliable providers both on and off of the official health  insurance markets. 

-Lost my plan after being told I could keep it, now I'm having trouble finding a new one

- Premiums rose sharply under the ACA, now I can't afford the coverage I had before

- I don't qualify for federal health insurance subsidies

- I was dropped by my companies health insurance and I'm having trouble finding coverage on my own

- I have had little to no luck using and other federal or state healthcare websites.

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Do I Need It?

People who do not otherwise have access to a health insurance plan that meets the minimum essential care requirements of the ACA are required by law to purchase a health insurance policy that does satisfy the criteria of the ACA by March 31, 2014- or face tax penalties. So If you're not on Medicare, insured through work, or less than 26-years-old, you should take us up on our free quote offer.

Learn more about Obamacare and health insurance in the resources section of this site.

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Obamacare Opponents

Many people shopping for health insurance oppose The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. If any of the following apply to you, chances are you may not be the biggest fan of health insurance reform under the ACA

Don't worry about it! we can still help these folks find affordable health insurance, we just go about it a bit differently. 


I'm Not Really Sure How I Feel

These folks may not know what is required of them under the Affordable Care Act, or they simply haven't taken the time to study the new healthcare laws. Read more below to better understand who is required to purchase insurance under the new law, and precisely how much  


I'm Almost Ready To Sign Up

For these people, Obamacare will be a blessing. Millions of Americans have health insurance coverage under Obamacare that they could not have gotten otherwise. This is thanks in part to federally subsidized health insurance options available under the Affordable Care Act. Chances are that if you make less than $15k annually, you will fit into this category and will receive health insurance for little or no cost depending on which plan you choose. Read below for more information.




I Love Obamacare!

This group includes many low income people and young adults

People earning less than 400% of the federal poverty level established by the United States may purchase federally subsidized health insurance via private agencies like this one or official health insurance markets established by their state or federal governments. We can sign you up for name brand private health insurance today, in as little as ten minutes. Click on the button or brand names below to get free health insurance quotes instantly.

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Affordable Care Act & Health Insurance Information


The PPACA From State to State 


Across the United States reactions to the ACA have been mixed. Most people are holding out judgement until they see what the prices will be for the required plans. 

The chart below will connect you to details about the progress of Healthcare reform in each state where you can see prices.  If you prefer to receive pricing over the phone, call us during regular business hours at 1-800-771-7758

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